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Old 11-07-2008, 11:12 PM
midnight361 midnight361 is offline
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I am a custom svo sytem designer that runs a 7.3 ford psd 2002. I have run 83 k now on wvo. I run a dual hydraforce #10 solenoid system, with 32plate heat exchanger, aeromotive bypass fuel press reg @ 25psi with dead head fuel flow bypass. I run hose out side hose heat exchange fuel lines and a custom aluminum 40 gal svo tank with aluminum coolant heat element welded inside. I use a stock lift pump and danaldson filter for the diesel side, and fass hpfp @ 80 psi to donaldson filter set up for the veggie side. I have had my return solenoid lock up, i disasembled it and found nothing inside, it seemed siezed, but i worked it back and forth it became free and now works fine?? really weird. I have also locked up 1 stock lift pump, i disasembled it (very dificult) and found it to be locked as well, i worked it with a car battery and it became free. I also had a lifter stick open even know i change my oil every 3k, it bent an intake valve/pushrod so I had to remove the head. I noticed instead of carbon on the exhaust valves, it was a hard rubber like polymer. I feel the oil at low rpm doesnt fully burn, spitting solid oil out throught the hot exhaust valve creating polymer. Even know my oil is a good 175 dagrees, i feel the exhaust valve is so hot it will burn the oil to it creating polymer. The motor is still stong, the injectors were tested and fine.

The 7.3 seems to work well with svo, the only problem I see is polymer build up on exhaust valves. Is there anyway to clean this off without rebuilding the head? The stuff is tough as bnails, similar to carbon build up..

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Old 11-09-2008, 11:49 PM
farmerpete farmerpete is offline
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Do you run any biodiesel?
I've heard before that if you run svo you should run a tank of bio for every 4 tanks of svo.
That way the bio will clean out the system.
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