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Old 11-26-2008, 08:40 PM
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So I recently completely rebuilt a 1.6VW TD for my Samurai, installed it and all was well. Then I retorqed the Cyl head at around 500 mi (trying to be extra cautious) and ended up cracking the block! It's a very common crack - at #1 Cyl, side with oil drain. It did not hydrocrack either, the threads were clean.
So it's out and on the stand again, I have another block which I will get bored (1mm to fit my barely used pistons), Int shaft bearings and everything else when I get the dough.
To all VW IDI folks: Be careful when torquing those stupid stretch bolts! I'm going with head studs now, I have heard enough horror stories with the stretch bolts, and have now experienced this first hand.
Since it's all apart again, I'm rebuilding the trans (which needed worse than I thought) and am adding an oil pan baffle kit and high volume oil pump to the new motor.
Always something.
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