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For me time is not a big problem. Im in my workshop most days and the still or fermenter can be running in the background. I am concerned that the oil burner will take too long to bring 150 litres up to the boil. I may use an over the side immersion heater to boost the heat initially.

The cooker is to sterilize the cheese whey and to soften and break down the bakery waste. After boiling for 15 mins the cooling coil reduces the temperature quickly down to the temperature suitable for starch enzymes to work, then reduces again to the temp suitable for yeast. In larger vats the fermenting process can give off a lot of heat which can kill the yeast. I may need the cooling coil to keep the temperature under control. I wont know until I try a full sized batch.
I,ve read about mesquite but never seen it. In our climate Jerusalem Artichokes or Sugar beet would seem to be the best bet. I dont really want to get into growing my own feedstock as there seems to be so much waste material available. I recently made enquiries at food factory near me that makes oven ready french fries. They would be happy to let me have half a ton of potato skins a week!
I intend to braze a 2 or 3 inch pipe and valve to the bottom of each tank for easy emptying.
Small air cooled engines seem to work well with alcohol. Years ago I used to drive a Citroen 2CV Car with a 500cc twin cylinder engine. I bet it would run on alcohol no problem but it was slow I couldnt bear to drive one now.
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