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Large scale ethanol production from waste products is well established both here in Europe and in the US but no one seems to be doing it on a small scale suited to a home brewer.
I have been making biodiesel for 2 years now and am very happy with it. I use only liquid oil for processing and keep the yellow grease for heating my workshop. See the topic "Military Heater for sale on Ebay" for details on how yellow grease can be used as a clean heating source. I have also been using the same burner to power my methanol recovery still.
Ive just built a larger still( 150 litres) which works from the same free heat source.
Im now looking into the possibility of using the still to produce ethanol from waste products that I can easily get locally. I can get large quantities of Cheese whey, waste bread products, spoiled fruit, all of which contain either fermentable sugars or convertible starches. Not only are they available but I would be paid to haul them away.
There is nothing new or especially difficult about the process, but what I need to devise is a system that is labour saving and convenient preferably that can be built from easily available materials, oil drums, standard plumbing etc.
Does anyone out there know of sources of information that might be of use to me or do you have any ideas or experience you might share.
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